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Announcements: A fun game to play at home.


A fun game to play at home.



Second grade partners like  playing this addition or subtraction game.  You use a deck of playing cards. Each player  has to draw 4 cards( do not look at the cards) Take turns with a partner to put your numbers in each  box one card at a time. (You can simply draw the grid on paper to set up for play)   You can shuffle the  playing cards but take out the kings and jacks.  The queen is = 0   ace =  1 other numbers 2-9  are what they say.  When all number boxes are full, it is time to do the math. Announce ahead of time the rule as Subtract or Add  and the person with the lowest or highest number wins.  If the number is negative it is a strike. 

 Talk about place value and look at your finished numbers to see what strategy would have given you the best possible answer for the round.  It takes some strategy and some luck to  win.

You can make different rules if you want to tweak the game. (highest number wins or add the numbers…make 3 boxes for each number….)


















  Try this one

This is a place value  game you can do with a calculator.  For an example

Say to your student       “Punch in the numbers  9-7-5    What is that number

What math function  do you have to do to get out the 7 and make the 7 turn into a zero?


From this number what would you have to do to make your number become 807?

Can you  add or subtract a three digit number to make your answer even?

Keep going and have the student tell the function to get to the next number.




Second grade likes playing the place value game by drawing cards.doc    
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